Need Someone To Make A Moving Intro :]

I’m looking for someone that can help me make a moving intro. It could be similar to an intro with moving words or letters (Like the one for the story ‘Adrenaline’, but I’d prefer one with characters moving like intros in a TV show. Either way, Any help would be appreciated :smiley:.

-I have already tried Gifs and I know how to code :]
-If you’re interested in helping you can contact me below :]
-There is a moving intro on Instagram @episode.wonderland that is similar to what I’m looking for.

I would ask the the Adrenaline author for the script template or ask @episode.wonderland!

But, it sounds like you just need to place the characters, zoom in, and make an OVERLAY!


@JESSICA stands screen left and JESSICA faces right

@JESSICA starts talk_smile

@zoom on 368 483 to 76 to 69% in 5

@JESSICA starts laugh_giggle

Move around the overlay!

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Thank You For Your Reply! I’ve Actually Already Tried To Make An Intro And I Know How To Code. It’s Just A Lack Of Ideas :persevere:

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I love Adrenaline and I was the first reader! It looks really hard to make, so you could ask @Dara.Amarie

EpisodeElly on youtube is also a good option, here’s one of her videos on how to make moving intros:

Edit: If you have a windows, you just need to go here:

I’ve Also Tried Gifs Before, But They Usually Have Too Many Frames And Get Distorted When I Try To Make Them Smaller.

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Omg ty!

You’re wlelcome :blush:

PS: Sorry for the late answer I have been away for personal reasons.

I don’t think there’s any other way to do it :thinking: but if you come up with something please share

You can request on my thread :slight_smile:

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: