Need Someone To Make an Episode Cover for Me!

Alright so if anyone can make an Episode cover, feel free to reply down here! I will make sure to credit you when this is published.:blush:

strong textDetails about this cover:

  1. My story is a choose your own adventure and is based off of the Titanic ship.

  2. The cover must have a feeling of danger, and look mysterious, eye-catching, and old fashioned.

  3. Here are the three characters you must design for the cover:

The young female and male are just avatar that are being used so the reader can customize it. I just wanted to include them though. The woman in the purple dress becomes an important character in the story.

  1. The size of this cover should be at least 420x580

  2. VERY IMPORTANT: The title of this story is, The Titanic: Choose Your Own Adventure.

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drawn or edited :eyes:
i could do edited if you want :new_moon_with_face:

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Sure! are you sure you know how to draw real people well? :smile:

she offerd to edit not to draw

if you are wondering what is the diffrence

this is edited


and this is drawn


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you can check my art shop. I have examepls

Hello! I’m a digital artist and my commissions are currently open.
Feel free to check my Instagram or send me a message here!
Support means a lot too so even if you can’t pay I’d be glad if you could follow me on Instagram.
Thank you and have a great day/night ! :slight_smile:


they look amazing

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Thank youuuu :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Oh are you good at editing or drawing? :blush:

Oh, thank you!

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That seems pretty legit. I’m an okay drawer but your so much better! :heartbeat:


wow so cool :sunglasses:

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So you think you can do the art cover for me if it’s okay with you?

I don’t do anything for free but if it’s ok then I’d be very glad to do something for an episode writer! :slight_smile:

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I’ll make sure to give you full credit and when I do publish it I will give you a shoutout! Just to give you some recognition. :laughing:

Well, that’s a bit « necessary » in art law, but still I don’t get it if you’re able to pay or not :sweat_smile::slight_smile:
As it’s my job, I can’t afford to do anything for free :slight_smile:

Oh…it’s your job? Sorry for wasting your time! I can’t really pay to have people make covers for me. I’m so sorry since I wasn’t aware of this. I hope you’ll find someone soon who can actually pay you. :no_mouth: :hushed:

No problem dear, I should’ve made it clearer! Thank you :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Anyway, have a great day! Your artwork is amazing. I’ll follow you on Instagram soon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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