Need Someone to Make Cover Splashes

I am planning for a new story, and I am in need of 3 story covers. Basically, I would like some simple story covers to be made without the characters. My story is centered around a biracial girl, and I would like to have story covers that have a picture of a girl with the title “I’m no Stranger” written by Briana M. But, I would like different pictures with the title of my story on it. Here’s an example of how I would like the story covers to look:

If you are able to do the covers, please comment down below. My Instagram is @brianam.stories if you’d like to DM me. Thank you in advance!


I can

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i think i can:)

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Okay, great!


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All of these are handdrawn. If you’re looking for this type of art for your cover, just fill out a form and we’ll get right back to you! Read all the rules and respond with a password, please. ^-^

:DD also, there’s a small fee for making the art. For the first four people, there’ll be a 20-10 discount depending on how much the art will cost. If you’re still interested, please check

Thank you, but unfortunately, I don’t have the money to pay for a splash :disappointed:

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Aw, thanks for replying!