Need someone to make cover


Hi! I was wondering if someone can make a cover for me? If so thanks!

My story title: The Impossible Task
NOAMI outfit:
NOAMI hair: Long Feathered(LIGHT BROWN)
NOAMI face: heart defined
NOAMI eyes: female generic (blue aqua)
NOAMI nose: Grecian soft
NOAMI mouth: Full heart Pouty( Hot pink Matte)
NOAMI body: Female Generic skin (fair nutral) 1


If you want I can put more info of lilly.



Hello, I’d be glad to help out if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:
Here are some examples:
Example 1
Example 2
Thank you,
~Brooke Johnson


Thoose look great!






So, just to be clear, the one with the ponytail is Lily, and the one with her hair down is Noami? And what would you like the theme of the cover to be like?


Yes it is!

I want it to be mysterious…

I don’t know what one to do of Noami so you can pick.




I hope this is what you meant :sweat_smile::
Small cover
Large cover
If you want anything changed, let me know :v:


Yes! Looks good!!


Thank you very much!! :grin:


Um, @MeganB20 I also made the cover you asked for on my thread. Are you planning on using it?



But your cover looks amazing xxx


I believe that’s what this thread is in regards to? (Which cover they should pick)


Oh I didn’t see that


I will let you know when my story is published! I want you to see your amazing cover!!!


I will be using both covers!