Need someone to make mermaid tail overlays for LL!

Hi I need someone to make some mermaid tails for me please ASAP for my story in Limelight. I haven’t found anything suitable on Google or Pixabay so I need someone to make them for me and I need a few different colours. Thanks. I will give credit.

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Idk if these work for u but no credits needed since they’re offline (:

@tw.episode on Instagram made some for the story Water’s Edge, you can ask her if she can make them for you as well

Hi thanks but they won’t work I have tried.

Will it cost money?

I think they did commission it so yes, but you can always just DM TW and ask her yourself

@ezz.creates makes overlay commissions. She can make the tail and then give you multiple colours. She does charge but she is very reasonable and worth every penny.