Need someone to rate my art

Here is a few of my art
What do you guys think?
I need honest reviews and also Can someone please guide me how to improve?
-Emma :heart:


Your good, how long have you been doing this?




no need to improve. this is FANGTASTIC! :heart_eyes:


Probably 5 months

Thank u so much everyone!!:heart:
I really appreciate it!

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I like your art style, app or program that you use? J just started these last week it is not perfect but this is my latest work

I use Ibis Paint X

Thanku :heart:

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It looks good! The colours used in the first edit work very well together - light/pastel - and I quite like the way you draw your eyes, pupils and light reflections. :slight_smile: I also like the guys jeans, they’re drawn very nicely.

  • I’d say you need to figure out if you want to do soft shading or hard shading as I’ve noticed you use a bit of both but not in a way they blend together smoothly (if that makes sense).

  • Be sure when drawing the outline to have the stabiliser turned on - (I would have force fade on too when drawing outlines as it helps get smooth lines [even if you have it turned all the way down]). It also helps to do one continuous line instead of breaking in between as they are noticeable.

  • Take the time to figure out which brushes suit your style.

Brushes I used

I would primarily do soft shading so I’m no help with hard shading, though I would use felt pen when I rarely chose to do hard shading

Shading - Airbrush 20%
Hair - Round Brush (Point) - I think that’s what it’s called (I don’t use Ibis anymore) and sometimes I would use Oil (Hair)
Eyelashes - Dip Pen (Hard) - with force fade on!

I think you’re doing great and you’ll be a pro in no time! Keep up the great work :grin: :+1:t3:


Thank you so much for your review :heart:
I will keep those things in mind!
Which app do u use to edit?

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Honestly, just keep doing what you’re doing! It’s all in practice and learning so you’re doing a great job :two_hearts:
I use Autodesk Sketchbook now :slight_smile: Many more brushes! (And still free like Ibis).

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It an infinity sign!

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tbh i dont think force fade it the best way to have your pen look smooth. It makes the lines thin, thick, then thin and people forget to join them properly so it ends up looking like this:

lines like that don’t look very appealing.

The stabilizer is good but it makes the work so… stiff. Even if it’s done well.

EDIT: And about the airbrush, it can be used to shade if done correctly, but experts and people more experienced with digital art have said that the airbrush makes the work look flat and unappealing. Not according to “experts” or whatever, I still think that using the airbrush is a misused tool here on Episode. There are plenty of easier, more appealing ways of shading! Take this for eg:

(these are the only things i could find that has aspects of an airbrush) NOT MY ART - I DONT OWN ANYTHING I UPLOAD HERE

and then this:

(This is done by Hyanna - Natsu aka art goddess)

I mean, it is a little unfair to compare these two as Hyanna is a more experienced artist than the other person, but you can tell by the colours and shading that it really makes a difference! If the art above (the airbrush one) used a different shading tool or used it properly then it’d probably look as good as Hyan’s!

Take Lavender Towne’s examples. She is an experienced artist who knows what type of shading is commonly used - which is used unappealingly:

image image

I don’t mean to offend anyone who uses the airbrush - I’m just trying to help those who want to make their work look nice! (Ok that’s worded a bit rudely - not “nice” but you know what i mean) I’m 100% you can make your work more ambitious by using more dynamic ways of shading other than the airbrush!

(Wow this is really long and kinda unrelated dont flag me people)

Wait, some critique to stay on topic:

Just practice body proportions and shading more and bam!

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Whilst what you have said is true, that’s not adjusting the % to 0% for both start and end as I recommended.
Using force fade makes lines look less shaky and having it set as 0% means there is no thickness difference with ends and middle.

yes, i understand what you’re saying xxx i just see a lot of people using the lines above and just wanted to put a message saying that it doesn’t look as good as it looks neat <3

EDIT: ah yea, i tested it out and i see what you mean lol <333 just forget about what i said for the force fade thing

you’re very good :slight_smile:

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thats so good omg :heart_eyes:

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It looks great :yellow_heart:

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