Need someone to review your story? I gotchu (CLOSED FOR NOW)

HELLO, the title explains it all. Currently bored out of my mind and wanted to give all the small authors here a chance for their story to be looked at. I’ll look into each of these categories. I PREFER already published stories, but unpublished is fine. If I read your story already then um idk, I’ll figure something out.

  • Cover/summary/genre: Does it stand out? Does the summary fit into the story. Is your story in the right genre?

  • Directing/zooms/layers: pretty self-explanatory. Just trying to see how appealing your directing is and to check to see if everything is placed correctly.

  • Grammar/spelling: I’m not a grammar enthusiast or an English major, but I can easily spot if something doesn’t make sense.

  • Plot/character development/diversity: Probably the most important category. I really dig a good plot (overused plots are okay if they’re done right!) I want some spice in your characters. Give me their flaws. All of it. I also dig diversity. Give me the gays, hello?

I’m heading into college, so what I offer will be minimal (meaning, no 6-page analysis of one scene) I ALSO WILL ONLY DO UP TO 6 episodes. Nothing more. (Or idk maybe that’ll change if I really like your story) Only offering FIVE spots right now. So, hurry while they last.

BONUS: I’ll most likely enjoy romance/drama stories, m/f li’s are also appreciated. AND If I really love your story, I’ll spend gems on it! My gems are limited so I’ll be stingy with them :sweat_smile:

You can also DM me privately or on my Instagram @bellae_epi

Ok, writing on a phone is hard. So, I might edit this like 20 times. DONT LET THIS FLOP YALL!

  1. O Son Where Art Thou: @Whatever1 (6/6) COMPLETED
  2. Bad Behavior: @TheMorrigan (6/6) COMPLETED
  3. Story Time: @Anu1815 (0/6) IN PROGRESS
  4. Imperfect Heiress @FRizy (0/6) NOT STARTED
  5. Prophecy of Doom @Sirenas.writes NOT STARTED

I’d love to have my story reviewed.

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Awesome, send the link over. :blush: I’ll dm you my review once it’s completed.

Thank you for this thread.

I am a first time writer, I would love to have my story reviewed.

This is my story…

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I’d love for someone to review my story and I’ll appreciate it if you want to spend your time for this :blob_hearts: Because as a writer and a reader, I can review the others stories, but I’m completely blind to review my own story :sweat_smile:
here is mine,

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I’d love to know your review
Story : Prophecy of Doom
Link Episode Writer Portal

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Title: Her Stolen Dream
Genre: Fantasy/Drama
What to expect:

  • Limited CC
  • Choices that Matter [point system]
  • Mini Games
  • Art Scenes
  • Advanced Direction
  • Magical Elements

Link: Her Stolen Dream

Description: A royal engagement between Chloe and Liam goes wrong when the king is killed. Now, Chloe must protect the prince and kingdom. What will happen when she’s stuck with the prince?

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Will this open again?

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Yes, when I catch up again. I’ve already reviewed your story so whatever review I do will most likely be after the ones I’ve read. :blush:


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