Need someone who can help me to add blushing effect to my character

Hey Guys!! Can some help me with this blush stuff??
I want my character to blush but i couldn’t find anything to do it
What should i do to make my character blush??

you need an overlay of the “blush”, add it to the scene and just let it appear and fade away using its opacity

I am sorry but I am not good with this overlay and opacity things… Can u help me?

it’s really easy! once you upload the overlay and spot it, to let it “fade in” as if it was appearing you code:

@overlay BLUSH opacity 1 in 0.5

when you want it to fade out

@overlay BLUSH opacity 0 in 0.5

note: the 0.5 is the timing and you can modify it as you prefer, to make the fading slower or quicker


Thank u so much… :blob_hearts: