Need someone who can make special Art Scene! (Willing to pay)



I am needing some complex art scenes for my story. This is my first story and I have many ideas for what I would like to incorporate into my story. I am willing to pay as well as seen from the title. My first story is mainly thriller drawings and the next story I am planning is more anime/romance style. But in the mean time I am focusing on the thriller story. (Realistic digital drawings)


I can


And you don’t need to pay


Do you have any examples of your work that I can see?


By special do you mean like a realistic digital drawing, by the way people can’t actually sell episode art, digital drawings based off of episode characters. there’s a thread about it.


Yeah that’s exactly what I am looking for :slight_smile:


there’s people who do it on here for free (:


There are? I am sorry I am new so I am not sure where to find people for that yet and I figured offering to pay would be nice since they put time and effort into it :slight_smile:


you can try @terah_episode or @episodeuncirongirl on IG


I can make it for you I do it for free


I could try, if you don’t find anyone to do it. :slight_smile:


Do you have any examples for me? You can pm me if you want to as well.


They do art for free…


Can you make one for me?? I need a cover art that shows two girls (one tan, long blond hair, sundress. The other pale, dark medium straight hair, black clothes), being goofy but cutely (theyre a couple)


Um… she can’t she isn’t on the forums anymore!


Update! I did find someone so hopefully soon I will be posting my story!