Need someone who can resize BG's for my story (Free)

Can someone resize (as of episode’s bg size) some Bg’s for my story? pls
Credit will be given.

I’d like to try

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Can you resize all type of bg’s?

I want a person permanently

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Not permanently, but for the time being I can

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Ok, I will send you the bg’s later.
Do you want me to pm you?

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Yeah that works.

Here’s my favorite website, very easy to use.
Simple Image Resizer, resize online images without losing quality

Upload the background, go to dimensions, and type in what you wanna change.
If you want:
1 zone background: 640 x 1136
2 zone background: 1280 x 1136
3 zone: 1920 x 1136


I will try it

Yes, do that. I can get my backgrounds resized in less than a minute with it. :slight_smile: It also preserves the quality!

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@Sydney_H please close this topic

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: