Need someone who is willing to work on overlays for my story!

So, I’m a huge art maniac and love editing and making overlays but unfortunately for me my wacom tablet got delayed because of the coronavirus.
Seriously, corona? Right when I really needed something for my story?
Anyways, I really need someone who can make me edited overlays that look somewhat like this

Examples from other episode writers

Examples from “Numinous” by jos

Example from “War Dogs” by Kayla Sloans
Also, these stories are great go check 'em out!

And before any episode reviewer @'s me for posting the technically “same” topic again. The other one was a competition that apparently no one except one person took up.
You can add some of your works down there :point_down:
And if I take you up on that offer I’ll pm you on here!
Your future best friend Jo :blob_hearts:

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I do something similar!

Here are my examples:

Please don’t steal

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I love it!!! They’re so gorgeous! I’m working on a INK story, would you be able to help? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes! Just PM me the details and give me a description of the mood of the scene that you want so I can properly portray the expressions :hugs:

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Thank you so much!

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Of course!

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Are you still open to do more requests or no?

What do you mean? This isn’t a requesting thread. If you want to ask for requests please go to an art shop. :slightly_smiling_face: