Need someone who will make me intros and outros for my story

Hi I need help with splashes
Reply and I’ll give you the details you need


What details do you need?

What colours you would like and how you would like it to look! Anything ect like the background.

I want them to be of either winter or Christmas themed

What splash’s would need? Mature themes, sounds ect.

I want sound and one saying the title of my story which will the the intro and one with telling “follow me on instagram” or something like that

Do you need pictures of my characters and me?

Yes please!

It’s currently 12am so I’ll be going to sleep soon big day of writing so they will be ready later :slight_smile:

Oh its fine but just wait a few minutes let me just upload the pics

The guy with the cropped hair is the older version of the other guy and the girl with the short hair is the older version of the girl with the fishtail
And for some reason I can’t send the pic of MY character so I’ll just tell you the details
Eyes:Upturned Feline and colour is black
Mouth;Full round and colour is terracotta
Hair:Double Bun Updo and colour is black
Outfit:Anything but it just have to be black
Tell me if you need anything else

Ok. These characters will be in what splash?

The older versions are going to be in the sound and the younger version ones are going to be in the one with the story title which is the main intro
And my character will be in the outro which is the one with my instagram
Story Title: A Fade Star
Author name: Sarah.M
My Instagram:@sarah.m8160

Ok great I’ll get started when I get up :blush:

Story name should be A Faded Star not A Fade Star sorry:sweat_smile:

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Okay great have a good night

Hey! If you don’t like anything or want me to change something just tell me :slight_smile:

Its great but the girl’s nose is supposed to be upturned and the guy’s lips are supposed to be uneven :sweat_smile:
If you can change it that wold be great and maybe you should just put the headphones which episode already has it might look better but everything else is amazing
Only if you can change those please do!

Hey! Thanks for telling me. I’ll try to do so!