Need someone with great dialogue writing skill!- Solved

Hey! So I’ve this little idea in my head about a story…it’s related to magic and all… I’ve coded the first chp but i can’t seem to write more

That’s the reason i need a writer who’s good with dialogues…I’ll code the story and give the credit for the script

If you’re interested dm me on ig @rosie_._writes


I’m good with dialogues. You have my insta, dm me if you want help.

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Actually i found someone…but thanks for reaching out😊

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Thats fine! Thanks.

Hi! so I’m new in episode community, so first I have doubts for my first storie, I’m working in a drama storie but I have problems with doing choices, mini games and I no have no one who can help me with write choices where my character earns points, so please if someone can help me with all the stuff I will totally grateful and I will give you credits for your help :pleading_face: oh and my instagram is :nurbaniepisode if you can help me @lilydiamond @Rosie_epi

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Hi and welcome to the community :slight_smile:
Just so you are aware, you will get much more help if you make your own thread (there’s a button on the top right when you click a topic like Find A Writing Partner or Directing Tips and Tricks). Commenting on one that already says solved, it’s much less likely people will read :slight_smile:

I can recommend some websites and youtube playlists to help you learn code if you’d like.

Oh ok thank you sorry it’s just I’m new with this☺️

No problem, sweetheart. Everyone here has done the same thing at some point, I know I have. :slight_smile: If you make a topic for yourself, tag me with an @ and I’ll give you a list of websites for just about everything you could need to learn and use code :slight_smile:

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Heres a link to Dara Amarie’s page;

She has lots of templates and guides that are free!

Hope this helps!!!