Need Song Suggestions Similar to This 🖤

Hey guys, I need your help!

So I really love Skillet’s Intro Song but it’s too short :roll_eyes:

I need song suggestions similar to this intro, if you can suggest some, that would be great, please and thank you :heart_eyes:

It kind of gives you a rock opera vibe :blush:

The Main lyrics:

Despair…You come to me with your poison and your misery
O Death…You come to sting with your poison and your misery


What should the song be about, what athmosphere do you wanna create?


I don’t know if this would fit your criteria, but maybe Blood Red Roses?

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Thanks for the suggestion, i loved it, it def was similar to what i was looking for :heart_eyes:

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Glad to help. :smiley:


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