Need special ink art scene asap


I need a art scene for my story as soon as possible, I requested from a group but no one as gotten back to me and this is kind of an emergency. I don’t want to sound needy or impatient but as a author I do want to get this chapter out to my readers.
A short description of what I need, It’s kind of like a fight scene I need someone who can have a guy pinning another guy to the ground.
If anyone can help me out I will be extremely grateful and all credit will of course be given to the artist.

Can anyone help me out

I am still in need of this, can anyone help me out please?!


I can try.


I am so sorry it’s took so long to get back to you! I haven’t checked this in a while cause I was prepared to just give up and not do the scene all together but if you would like to try please feel free it if it becomes to difficult to do then just don’t worry about it and let me know


I could try, or you could request from my art group’s thread to see if they could do it if I can’t.


Let’s see what you can do, If you can’t do it then just let me know and I will try to request from your art group :100:


Sure! Details pls


Alright give me one quick second


This Is Alexander’s details

Skin Tone:
Eye Shape/Color:
Round Piercing Purple
Face Shape:
Defined Triangle
Lip Shape/Color:
Uneven Terracotta
Eyebrow Shape:
Thin Arch
Hair Type/Color:
Spiked Up Hair Black

The outfit he is wearing in the picture is what he can wear in the art scene.


This Is Christian’s Details

Skin Tone:
Eye Shape/Color:
Deepset Sloping Blue
Eyebrow Shape:
Thick Arch Athletic
Nose Shape:
Mouth Shape/Color:
Uneven Terracotta
Face Shape:
Defined Triangle
Hair Style/Color:
Short Cropped Hair Black

What he is wearing in the picture is what he can wear in the art scene.


wait what abt their pants and shoes?


If you click on the picture it should show up fully.


Oh okay.


So they’re on the floor?
Which one pins the other down?


Yes on the floor and Alexander’s pins Christian to the ground.




Would this work?


Sure. I just need to know where they’ll be facing and which part of the ground they are on and I can start.


They are both facing left and they are on the part of the ground where the light shines the most.


I’ll start tomorrow since it’s almost my dinnertime.