Need splashes? Request here!

Hey guys! I’ve started making some splashes. They’re not that advanced or something but I think they’re simple and good. I’m open to requests, so if you need splashes request here!!

Please note.

  • If you request something that’s hard or due to some unavoidable reasons, it might even take me 2-3days to complete your request(this is not the usual time I take so don’t worry
  • Please DO NOT use my Splashes without crediting me! You can credit me by my ig account @epi_ps
  • If you want to use the example splashes, then you will have to first take my permission!
  • Please do not talk about anything unrelated to this topic.
  • Please be patient and no thread hopping, it is considered rude!
  • Update: Now I also make splashes with characters on it, so if you would like to see examples of those, feel free to ask me here or pm me :blush:
  • When requesting always use the password Rose and please do blur it.

Sorry, but You cannot use This splash!

Sorry, but you cannot use This splash!

Yo, can you make them with characters?

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I can try😊
Send the details of the splash, and I’ll see if I can make it…

Moved to Art Resources since you’re making art requests. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

Anyone who wants splashes, go to this link👇

Need splashes? Request here!


Hello is this thread open?

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Yes it is :smiley: Thou there’s just one problem, my IbisPaintX app crashed so I won’t be able to make much advanced splashes like the good custom poses ones but I’ll still try my best :blush: Please leave all the details of your request.

I am sorry to hear that :confused: it must be frustrating xD. So I dont have a specific idea. The only thing I am sure with is that my story is based on 17s century so the letters should be old you know? As for the overlay what ever is easier for you if you want it to be on a background let me know to send you the one :slight_smile: Also I dont have a specific date I need it!

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Yea it is trust me :sweat_smile:
Anyways, so it’ll be really helpful if you could fill this form :point_down:
In this all the required details will be filled. (Also, there’s a part in the form which asks you to follow me on Instagram, that is not needed actually. You can get your request even without following :upside_down_face:)

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Thanks Sophia, I recieved your request. I’ll make it an overlay no problem. Will try to complete it in 2-3days if that’s fine with you :slightly_smiling_face: Thank You So Much for Requesting :heart:

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@SophiaSouri Hey! I made the splashes but they are not overlays neither I think they are PNGs. Just please have a look at them and tell me if they are how you wanted or you need any changes? :slightly_smiling_face:

Mature Themes Warning

Volume Up

EDIT: I just realised that in the pics here the colours are coming pretty dull when I definitely made them a bit more light and shiny. U check them and tell me, if this is you like them or would you like me to make the colours better(I’ll try to :sweat_smile:).

Wow I didnt expect them like that but turns out I definatly like them! Do we have maybe a more medvieval font? If not its perfect dont worry! Also how should I tag you?

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I’m glad you like them! I’ll try two or three more fonts(whatever I can find) and send them here, you can then choose which you like the best. Oh and is the colour alright?

Also, you can credit me in your story(if you use it there) by “Intro Splashes made by @epi_ps on Instagram” . Or if you post it on ig then just tag my id, or if u post on forums then you can tag my ig or forums whichever. :relaxed:

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  1. Color is bomb!
  2. You can just write a word for me to see the font dont trouble by remaking overlays maybe u wont even need to haha!
  3. And awesome I will credit you on my story and ig :smiley:
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I’m so sorry for the delay, but this the closest I could get to any kind of mediaeval font…

Ohh dont worry about the time I seriously dont mind! I mean I m sure my story will be pubblished pretty late haha. Also… THE LAST ONE OGMGDGJDUHU o

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Oh that’s actually a relief for me :sweat_smile:
Anyways, so should make the splashes with the last one? And should I keep the colour pattern as I had made them previously or you want to change?(Ofc I’ll adjust the colours n all to fit the bg)

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Tbh I like how the last fond is white so I dotn mind if u wanna keep it white or brown I like both! Also yea dont worry about it as I have seen so far my story will be out at like 2 months or so?? Maybe even later! So dont hurry on doing mine if u have others that need it now :slight_smile:

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Kk grt. I’ll adjust the colour most suitable for the bg also thx for understanding :sweat_smile::heart:

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