Need story advice'

so my upcoming story, ozerne, was originally going to be a slasher/mystery type story based off of the scream movies. however, i recently got some really good ideas and inspiration. i’m considering replacing what would be a human antagonist with a creature called the hide behind. basically, the hide behind is a creature that stalks people who are alone in the woods. it is rarely seen because it can twist it’s body and easily hide behind anything. i think i could easily portray this creature’s abilities using overlays. now, what would you guys rather read? a more mysterious and scary story, or a story about the hide behind?

if you want to know more about the hide behind, just watch this amazing short film from alter. it is only 10 minutes long.


Personally, I prefer the mystery/horror genre more than any other, but the plot for both seem really interesting so I’d be down to read either. It seems like you’re more excited about the second plot and I always encourage people to write stories they enjoy creating. If you like your own story, so will others.

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