Need story advices

Hey guys I am Chanel Proxy. And I really want to read some of my favorite stories but I am not able to find any story which can be considered reading type. So if you know can you suggest me some of the stories:-
1.It should be of horror and mystery genre.
2. It should not be related with Zombie apocalypse, Vampire slayer, A group came to stay and got into trouble yada yada, Any science fiction or any fantasy related character.
3. It should only be about spirits, black evil things, Exorcist,etc.
4. The story should have CC and It should be in Limelight.(LIMELIGHT IS A MUST.)
5. It should have more mini Games.
6. It should also have point system.
7. Classic and INK version loathe me so please don’t recommend me such stories.
8.It should have lots of overlays and extra backgrounds i.e backgrounds other than Episode stories have.
9. And story should be good.

  1. Should be a sad story. The stories which deals with sucide, depression, anxiety, a social outcast, Assault,etc. and how players got out of such things.
  2. Should not be about mafia and School romance nonsense.
  3. It shouldn’t be talking more about romance that what guy did and how girl reacted and how they kissed or talking about their intimacy in details. It shoul focus more on the story than this stupidity.
  4. And the most basic thing is that it should not talk about Racism. Because I am really against Racism and I won’t be able to control myself if that story contained any topic related with Racism or have any dialogue containing Racial slur.
    If you have any recommendations fulfilling most of the conditions mentioned above.
    You can suggest me and also don’t forget to follow me on insta @Chanel1234Proxy.epi.
    Have a nice day/night :smiley: :blush:

The Infected by Caitoriri? :thinking:

Thanks for the reply. But as I said that I don’t like stories related with Zombies.
Thank you so much 4 the reply btw :smiley:

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and sorry i thought you like zombie stories :sweat_smile:

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Hey don’t apologize. Its ok actually I have read about 10 stories related with zombies and that’s why I started hating it. :sweat_smile:

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