Need story help with good ideas

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Genre romance
Title A heart full of love
Characters Jessica Axel

Hello, Mrs. @Rihanna90.
Well, maybe I can suggest you an idea or two.
So, the first idea is:
A. Jessica (age: my recommendation - 20-21) is a poor girl who has just lost her grandmother who raised her whole her life and she moves in New York (or you choose which city she moves in), and finds a work place (I don’t know which place :sweat_smile:. Maybe café or something like this). One day, Axel, a handsome, prideful and ignorant rich man, who think that life is only about money, and it can buy anything in this world (his age: my recommendation - maybe around 25-27 years), comes in her workplace and he falls for her at first sight (after seeing her smiling).

B. It is the same idea, but the last lines are different. When Axel come in her workplace (but she works in a café), he orders a cup coffee and when she brings him the cup and she wants to go to keep working, he catches her hand and tries to flirt with her, but he does not succeed and Jessica responds this by pouring his coffee on him.

The second idea: Jessica is a young woman who moves in New York (or in general in America), and she gets a job from a friend to work in her family’s business, whose boss is her brother/cousin (Axel) . At first, she hates him (and he hates her as well), but they slowly fall for each other.
(in this idea, Jessica is not a rich woman)

I hope you like it more or less :smiley: :blush:
So, read it and tell me what do you think about it.

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I forgot to tell you: If I may, I recommend you to add to your story more diversity, to make it interesting :slightly_smiling_face: (e.g: adding dark-skinned characters, Jewish and Muslim ones, even make the main character Jewish, etc.)

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Hi are my is leshell nice me you can sent you yes add you story

Genre: horror
You start working at a company not knowing it play unfair in business. One day workers, including you, start dying. Can you find the killer before it kills you?

Nice to meet you, too :blush: :grinning:. I am sorry, but I did not really understand what did you say. You are not a English speak, are you?

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I do not want to be rude, but @Rihanna90 said that the genre is romance, not horror.

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I have writing part she give me idea for it write part sent me to a web site

didn’t see that :sweat_smile: the main character can find romance along the way. Like a boy/girl help her to find the killer and end up falling in love

But, hey, your idea is nice :blush: :grinning:

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thx :blush:

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Any sup genres like slice of life, tragic, comedy actions?

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I got my from Watt pad my writing partner give me the idea was on it wattpad the give you name and romance It have A heart full of love .write parter give this idea I love your story

I am sorry, but I am not sure that I understood what you said:

I think she’s saying she got her idea and title from her partner who’s on watt pad maybe?

I speak English I don’t speak spanish.

I meant to this part of her saying:

Oh maybe that her writing partner gave her this idea but she still loves the idea you wrote.

Sorry didn’t mean it in a rude or bad way

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