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So here’s the deal, I love to read these stories on an app on my phone. These stories have always inspired me to write one myself, but the problem is I never know how to start the first chapter. I have tried to plan out my story but I always get stuck with the dialogue between characters. I have 3 great romance/drama story ideas which is sort of based on my life in a way. ■The first story is about a girl who is in high school looking for her first love, but she’s had a series of bad luck with guys that she wanted to date and she wants to find her first boyfriend.■The second story idea is similar but instead it takes place in a fairy tale kinda of setting and the princess (aka the main character) lives a very simple and boring life, but she was wants to find her true love. The guy that her family is trying to set her up with is perfect but isn’t perfect for her and her true love is actually some thief/warrior who steals for good.■The last story idea is about sisters who come from different backgrounds and have never lived with each other and up being alike in every way. So if someone could help me get past the first chapter I think I would be able to get the story


I like the 3rd idea, personally

So you can get your story meeting the episode guidelines, I would suggest you have one whole chapter on one sister and then chapter 2 the second so by 3 is when you get them to meet and then the rest of your chapters build from there. I would also drop hints along the way of there being another sister, still keep the reader in suspense of whether they meet or not. Focusing on the one character explains the background so when it is time to meet the reader has a clear picture of why both sisters are so different

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Ok, but for this story the sisters know about one another

Oh ok well still focus on their own lives though. All about fleshing out the story.

Your Intro could be a split background with one character on one side and the other on the other side facing away from each other and have the narrator introduces the characters like; This is blah blah and this is blah blah, both sisters who live completely different lives from one another then go into telling one of the sisters life story.

Also is there a reason why they aren’t together, maybe explain that in the intro.

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Yeah, the older sister is like 20 years older than the younger sister is and the way the older sister grew up wasn’t as good as the younger sister and the older sister kinda “resented” her a little and that’s why they never talked

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