Need Story Help?

Hiya! Do you have a brilliant story in mind but are having trouble putting it in words, or just need story inspiration, or help with writing it? Could even be for a particular scene! Well I’d love to help out! Let me know if you’re interested, my ig is @/abigail.episode_ :))


@Abii.gail i just sended you a dm

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i have actually main theme and idea for a story but i cant write any script cuz english is not my first language.I am watching tutorial videos for scripting all the time but i cant do it.I just want someone who writes my idea.And when story published i dont want any credits.I just wanna see if my idea is okay or not.sorry for my grammer mistakes :slight_smile:

Which is the idea? And have you try Joseph Evans tutorials? Those really help, but if you have already tried them and u need someone to write the story you can send me a private message here or at instagram: @Starfire.episode
I would be glad to help :relaxed:

You totally can. Coding is not something you will understand over night but it is not that hard when you get the hang of it. If you are desperate for help there are many threads and tutorials. Also I am willing to help you learn some if you want.

i tried them and some codes didnt work.And i just cant really do what’s in my mind for the scenes.

Okay, well, I can try to write it and you can tell me if that’s what you had in mind or not, I mean, you can create the characters, choose the clothes and the background and I can do the coding

actually i created the main characters and their first scene clothes.And i want ur ideas too.If u wanna help for coding i think u should criticize my ideas too.I dont want you to think like i am using u

and if u have an idea to write a story i can help with u characters and outfits too.

It’s okay, u r not using me, I’m not an expert at coding, but if I can help I would be pleased :relaxed:

Hi I am Mia, I do not have instagram but could you still help me?
I am writing a story where there is a princess and she is only liked for being royal so she goes to a public school undercover! She finds friends and some people are mean to her. But then she tells them and everyone wants to be her friend. And you can kind of make up the rest.
PS. If you can only do chapters its ok dont do it.


Hey Mia! So sorry for the late response! Thanks for reaching out, I can try and help you! Would you be able to install Instagram? It would be easier to keep in touch on there, but if not we can chat through here!

Hi very sorry I can’t but I don’t need help anymore thanks anyway though :sweat: