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Hey guys! Penny here.
I know how hard it is to come up with inspiration for a story, which is why I’ve decided to create this thread! Feel free to add your own writing prompts below, or you can request a genre, and I’ll try to find a good prompt for you.
“You are a professional police officer who has been assigned to the same jewlery store robberies 13 times.
You eventually realize that the first three times there were actula robberies, and the next ten were a ruse by the owner so he could see you again. How romantic! But illegal…
But romantic!”
“In an alternate universe, whenever your soulmate writes anything on their arm, it shows up on yours as well.” (For this one it would be cool if they wrote important places to be, and the other person tries to track them down, but that may be just me !!:wink:
“In an alternate universe, everyone is born with a unique tattoo. When you fall in love with someone, their tattoo shows up on your body as well.”
"Person A enters the library, looking around for the perfect biography for their school project on the shelves. The stumble into a section of the library they’ve never seen before, with only one book on the shelves. The book is titled, A Murder. Intrigued, Person A reads the book. Coincidentally, the MC has the same name as they do. And the main characters story seems quite similar to Person As life. Finally, on the last page on the book it says, “A killers shadow haunts (Person A).”
“Person A wakes up in an abandoned prison with dead bodies littering the floor. There is no escape.”
“You awake in a dark room, with a recording playing inside your ear. ‘One of the people in this room is desperate to kill you. The other two will do anything to save you.’ The lights turn on and there you see your two best friends and your crush.”
“After you’re wrongfully accused of murder, you’re on the run from the police. You meet up with you’re old childhood friend after you haven’t seen them in seven years. Lucky for you, you’re bud happens to be a detective. Can he help you find out who the murderer really is?”
“You walk down the street one day and see a little boy selling newspapers. Since you have nothing else to do, you buy one. You look at it, and realize that the newspaper is dated for the next week, and you realize that the world is coming to an end. And you may be the only one who can stop it.”
“After going on one of the best dates of your entire life, you decide to meet up with Person B again. Although this time the date is rudely interrupted when a news reporter announces something terrorizing the city. You announce you must leave, and so does person B. You later discover person B is a villain. And you are the Superhero who must defeat them.”
“You scroll through your email one day when you come across a email from an address you don’t know. The person claims to be a Nigerian Prince asking for money for some random thing. Out of pity, you give him 75 dollars. A few weeks later, this prince shows up at your door, and agrees to do you one favor in exchange for you kindness.”
“When on a family outing, two young girls accidentally capture a fairy instead of a firefly.”
“Some people, when they die, are lucky enough to , instead of being sent to heaven or hell, get to be a childs imaginary friend. When you die, you are your crush’s little sisters imaginary friend. You must get her to convince him that you’re okay…but not really.”

This will be updated if I find more prompts. Have a good day!


Omg the misc one is soooo cutee :heart_eyes: If I hadn’t started a new story already, I would totally give it a try. I hope someone does. If that happens please notify me, I would love to read the story!!!



ok, i need help! it’s kind of a “fantasy” but it’s about a teenage girl who gets bullied a lot and teased by the popular girls. she’s always dreamed of more, so when she does she gets teleported to an alternate dimension of superheroes! to make things worse, her crush becomes a villain! and the popular girls are the best superheroes! the main character is trying to become better than them and be most loved! and there will be problems along the way.

do you think this is a good plot line? also, do you have any good ideas for more things that could happen bad/be obstacles?


That sounds amazing! I’d love to read that story.
Well, maybe the Main Character attempts to persuade the crush into joining the heroes, and he pretends to, but traps her.
I also think that the fight scenes between the two of them would be AMAZING! The MC wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to fight the crush.
I love it! :heart_eyes:


that also sounds great! i’ll be sure to add that to my story! thank you so much for the help :kissing_heart:


No problem! Is the story out yet? I’d love to read it.


Maybe the crush makes a deal with your MC , to help her be the best hero , but there is a price, (idk what the price is), then over time the MC gets close to her crush, she becomes more powerful, (might even get evil mwahhaha), etc


I have tons of ideas running around my mind but when it comes to typing, its one hard piece of work


Same here!


not yet but i’ll tell you when it is published!


ooo that’s such a good idea!


Hey! Thanks so much for this thread!
I’m making a new story that is an action genre and it is about a girl that lives in a small town called Bardwin Falls who was kidnapped at age 9 and was abused by her kidnappers. 10 years later when she turns 19, she finally escapes from the them! She decides to move to LA to start a new life for herself, but it seems that trouble won’t give her a rest! Other than the kidnappers, a conceited golden boy has taken interest in her? Drama awaits!!!

What do you think??? What are some improvements you could give the plot??


For some drama maybe the by could be connected to the kidnappers somehow? Like a son or a brother, and the MC refuses to listen to him justifying himself after she finds out.
And maybe she discovers that one of her friends was also in charge of the kidnappings, but the friend was unaware that it was MC who was kidnapped.
It sounds very interesting, and I’d love to give it a read when it’s published!


That’s a really good idea!! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! :laughing: :smile:
Thanks so much! I haven’t finished it yet but will let you know when I publish it!


I can’t wait to read it!


Of course!