Need Story Ideas


Hey guys! I’m currently working on a story but I kinda want to create a separate, comedy one on the side but I need some ideas. Do you guys have any possible stories you would like to see? I’m looking more for comedy but any ideas work :relaxed:


@b.cello , Dear!! Write what your heart tells you!!


Haha thanks but I’m like looking for inspiration to get my train of thought going :joy: :relaxed:


Well, what inspired you to write in the first place??


Nothing much. I was bored and enjoyed the stories I was reading on Episode so decided to create one of my own


okay, well do you have any pets??


Yea. A dog and a couple birds


Alright, maybe make a funny story how when everytime the MC uses the restroom, they turn into a dog or bird?? Or maybe a different person??


Ooooo good one. Haha I’ll consider it. Thanks! :joy:


What genre would you like to write in?




Of course!! I bet it will be HILARIOUS!! Good luck!!


What makes you laugh?


Thanks girl :kissing_heart: :joy:


It would! :joy:


Um basically anything. There isn’t like one specific thing :joy:


@Estefi she has found her answers!! But thanks for the help!!


Anyways, good luck! :heart_eyes:

I gotta write my contest entry anyways, so byebye! :grin:


Actually, I’m open to anything so they’re good. Maybe they have other ideas they’d like to share!


Ahh thanks anyway! :joy: :kissing_heart: