Need story name help

So as the title says I need a name for a story I’m write
I’ve already got 2 story’s out (nether complete)
And have bad writers block for both
But I found one of my old plans for another story I just don’t have a name

The story is about an underground fighter how’s trying to fine her brother and meets a boy who’s also lost something dead to him

Also not sure what category this should be under please tell me if it’s wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank u for any help

I could go under mystery? Or horror if it hasn’t got a nice ending or is quite creepy (:

Let me know a few more details if u would like help with a more specific genre (:

Names =

  • The Fighter’s Brother
  • Looking For The Brother
  • The Lost Brother
  • The Fighter’s Search

Let me know if u need anymore help (:

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Lost and Found

The Search

While I Was Looking

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Fighters and Finders?
Fighting and Finding?

btw, illegal underground fighting isn’t allowed in stories, so if you choose to write about it you’ve got to find a way to somehow make it legal

Yeah Ik I just wasn’t gonna mention that it was underground fighting in the story

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