Need story name pls


Hi guys
I am currently writing a story about a cold powerful business woman with kids thats looking for a husband but has to be picky because most men just want her money but when she gets a new assistant who doesnt think about her money she slowly starts to fall in love for the first time
if you have any ideas for the name comment them down below
Thanksx :relaxed:


Only you
You and you only
Falling for the first time
Onece in a lifetime


The only one
Because of you
Picky Relationship
Falling for you


That story idea sounds cool! :blush:

P.S. I’ve PMed you. :slight_smile:


When Love Met Business
The Missing Piece
Powerful to Me


Business Woman
Sweet Work
Office Lover
…or something


Call Me Business
Working Pleasure
Pleasure Doing Business With You
I’m too brain dead to some up with any more… lol


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Love at no cost?


All the money in the world


@AshleyB How about

*Heal, Heart, Hustle ?? *


Powerful to Me is a really good title