Need Story Plot


Hi guys,

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I want to write my first story but struggling for ideas on what to write about.

What are story plots people would like to read?


Rather than trying to write what other people like, think about what you like to read! What genres do you like? What sort of stories do you gravitate to?
My very first story (which I hide on my profile :see_no_evil:) was a cliche gang story lol because I thought that was the kind of story that people liked to read. I’ve since realised that I write much better in the mystery/thriller genres and while the stories I write may not be what you’d see in the top 50 trending, they’re stories that I can be proud of :blush:

I really like Episode’s creator’s contests when I have no stories in mind. Sometimes the theme or prompt that they provide gives me some ideas.


My problem is I am guilty of liking the cliche stories. There’s one idea I have but I don’t want it to be seen as I am taking the idea from that author when really my idea is crossed between two TV shows


There’s no problem with cliche stories if that’s what you like! Just try and put your own unique spin on it :blush:. Same with getting inspired by TV shows- there’s nothing wrong with that, but think about how you can make it your own.


Thanks for your advice it’s greatly appreciated. I just noticed you’re a fellow Australian like myself :slight_smile:


You have a hidden cliche story?! I must find it ASAP


You’re welcome! Ah that’s awesome! =D I’m a Perth girl :wink:




Oh awesome I’m from Melbourne.
I think I have come up with a plot.


So I am finding it hard to write the story plot I had in mind. Does anyone have ideas?


An example: Typical girl moves into typical town and falls in love with two typical boys in a love triangle. The catch? She’s not human, and she didnt really “move in” – unless you can call a crash landing in the middle of the desert “moving in”.


Hiya Aleksandra, I’ve just joined the forums but I’m kind of in the same boat, knowing vaguely what to write but the ideas are scarce.

I’ve got a solid idea for a future story that I want to write but because I’m so new I want to get some practice (and allow myself to screw up) with directing and scripting before I get to the good stuff. So for now I’m working on writing a short, simple story to get the feel of coding.

Do you know what genre you’re wanting to write? What ideas have you got in mind so far?


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