Need story recommandations (completed stories only)

Hey guys, can you recommend me some completed stories please? Any animation style and any genre except for romance


Competitive Edge, Skeptics and Believers, Counting Sheep by Piccalilly
Make Me a Geek by RachelleFaucet
The Laboratory by Clara B.
One of the Girls by Amberose
The Wall by J. Miley
Dial Aimee For Murder by giraffe
WENTWORTH by elle badu


Craving Scar by Hope Moon!
70 chapters, complete, a love mafia story, LL!

You have to have a look at this story, I already read it 2 times (I reseted the story) ITS SO SO GOOD!

Edit: And write in what style you want Limelight - LL or Ink :slight_smile:

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Hey, My story below is complete :relaxed:

Story Title: Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future
Author Name: Sapphire and Episode Royalty
Story Description: All it takes is one shot to change your whole life. Win or lose, nothing will ever be the same.
Episodes: 6 [complete]
Story Style: INK
Story Link:
My Instagram: @ episodesapphire
Soccer Moms cover
cover credit to @/taylor.slvr!

Title The vampire prince
Author Jojo
Genre Fantasy
Instagram @joxilove.write
Episode 39 Completed
Description You decide to start a new life after a terrible break up. You have a steamy encounter with a mysterious stranger. Will you discover who he really is?

I have a completed story if you fancy trying it :grin:

I also have some completed story recommendations on my Instagram and episode profile if you’re looking for more :kissing_heart:


Drama - Available in Ink & Limelight

Description: She’s trying to move on but worried about never being able to forget. Can she learn to live again or will it always haunt her? Fresh starts & old faces, nothing’s ever simple!

CC: Yes! Limited for MC and LI’s but full CC for other supporting characters.

Chapters: 30 (Complete).


The links for all my stories is here -

For more details and sneak peeks, check out my Instagram :kissing_heart: @kiki.writes.things

Hi, Mine is 3 chapters.
Suitors for Mrs Fox

Check out Josie Jackson. All her stories are complete

Here goes my list, hope you will find something :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. College of Eternity, My Butler and The Elf King’s Quest by sophookles

  2. Something Wicked by Cindy Gaultier

  3. Bite My Tongue by Alphan

  4. Eat Me Up by Heli

  5. Mindreader by Alusza

  6. Black Magic by E R Gurney

  7. The Ruby Tiara and Moonlit Feathers by Wincy W.

  8. An Unspoken Attraction by LorenBethxox

  9. Finding Emerald by Sarah Kieser

  10. Wrapped In Lies by Mikayla Sloans

  11. Burning Waves by Akasha Seavue

  12. The Witching Season by Sparrow

  13. The Darkness Within by Jess Fox

  14. The Lake by J. Miley

  15. Fangs and Paws Series by Blue Paws

  1. Mistaken by Amanda Traver

  2. Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni

  3. Bad For My Heart by Michaela Bri

  4. The Blacksmith by Emily Renae

  5. 14 Months by Maite

  6. Runaway Trouble by Didi

  7. Speak by J. Miley

  8. Forever Yours by KYLIE

  9. The Night We Met by Bar S.

  10. Happy Thoughts by LUCY

  11. The Curse of Charlie by Sarah Kieser

  12. Drive Me Wild by LadyDianna

  13. Ten Steps To Her Door by Nelles

  14. SUMMER FEVER by Lucas

  15. Faking Death by S. Langdon

  16. Meet You At Home by Wyntet Sapphire

  17. Her Heartbeat by Suelita

  18. Good Cop Bad Delinquent by Carllies

  19. The Blinded War by V.L

  1. Infamous and War Dogs by Kayla Sloans

  2. I Despise You by Costa

  3. Sunflower by Janine Dela Cruz

  4. Toothbrush by Lucas

  5. Stories by Thirsty Grandmas

  6. The Dark Prince by Nis

  7. The vet’s heart by Grace Collins

  1. Split by Arch

  2. Envy by Cindy Gaultier

  3. That Bloody Mess by Ana Stacy

  4. Aftertaste by Ji

  5. Skeptics And Believers by Picalilly

  6. Blue Blood and Murder Mansion by Suelita

  7. WENTWORTH by elle badu

  8. REBELLION: The Fight Begins by Eleanor G. Fraser

  9. The Pleasure Room by Miru

  10. Twisted Twin by Naemi & Kat

  1. Mendacity by Ji

  2. Bad to the Bone by Lee Funk

  3. DAREDEVIL by Ana

  4. The Teenage Vigilante by lexi mae

  5. The Assassin: Femme Fatale by Mete M. Peleikis

  6. Assassins of Blackwood by Dana Violet

  1. BEHIND THE WALL by Khrema

  2. Galactic Game by Lucas

  3. My Alien Lover by Anyanka

  4. Equality by Amanda Michelle

  1. The Wall by J. Miley

  2. Trapped by Alusza

  3. Thick as Thieves by Spiegel

  4. Eclipsis by Victoria Masina

  5. Quest for the Lost Moonstone by Elle Episode

  6. Palace Heist by Alix Chanel

  7. The Treasure of San Javier by Coni B.

  8. Regarding Fandral by Nis

  9. Bubblegum by Sarah Dove

  1. Thin Blue Line by Eysenck

  2. The Pact LGBT and Hers by Lovessuperstarr

  3. Thinking Out Loud, Because of Her and In the Dark by SA

  4. Bisexual Bachelor(ette) by A.J. MacArthur

  5. Fiancée for Hire by JJ

  1. Home Wrecker by Joriemar

  2. Can’t Get Out by Swetlana

  3. The Surface by Mia Rose

  4. Hello? by Evil Ebonni & Old Mate

  5. Thriller: Honey, I am Home by kw.episode

  6. Route To Murder by Maxine and Aaron

  7. The Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher by Ana Stacy

  8. Magician’s Code by Costa

  9. Mental Surprises by Gisele Palmer

  1. Shroud by Dina Damanhudi

  2. Hit and Run by Elise C

  3. Haunted: Take Me Home by Ruby L. Lee

  4. Who’s Behind the Mirror by Ksenia

  5. Game of Underworld by R.es_story

  6. All Hallows: The Curfew by Michelle L.

  7. Valor Woods by Angie S.


Hey guys, I would like to promote my first completed story too! :hugs:
My current reads: 3.1k +
& Story information. :point_down:t2:

Author: marcia.writes2
Instagram: @marcia.writes
Genre: Romance, Action

Style: Limelight
Story Description: Will Zoe be able to accept Liam’s dangerous lifestyle or will she fall in love with her boss instead? Who will win her heart in this love triangle? (MC CC, art scenes, point system, 2Lis)
Story Link: