Need suggestions on how to promote my story

I really need some suggestions on how to promote my story before it’s even out yet so does anybody have some ideas?

Every Idea is appreciated.
Thank you<3


You can create a thread promoting it with its description, things it may include (like CC, mini games and stuff like that) and maybe a cover if you have one yet

I would also suggest promoting it on other platforms as well like Instagram and making friends who could help you promote your story


I notice many authors who promote their stories and Instagram and they also do shout out for shout out with other authors! you can also make a thread here promoting your story!! :heart:


Want to do r4r with me???


Hey honey.eppisode,

Here are some advices :point_right:

  • For a promotion you need to include: a cover, the title, your authors name on Episode, your Instagram-handle (if you have IG), the genre, the style (is it in Classic/INK or LL??), the amount of episodes, the link and a description;
  • Never compare yourself with big authors… → Even big authors started with 0 reads.;
  • Don’t stop promoting… Even if you reach the 1k reads, you still need to promote your story. :wink: When you stop promoting after those 1k reads… Your views will stuck at 1k reads. Duh :roll_eyes: :wink:;
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help at other authors… They had to start somewhere, too. ;
  • Promote at instagram (Facebook) AND/OR on this forum (so you reach more readers);
  • And don’t forget to take breaks. If you have a writer block, don’t forget your story, but take a break and think about something else for a while. But don’t force yourself to write.;
  • Don’t expect you get readers immediately after you published (sounds ridiculous, but there are (starting) authors who think that if you publish magically those readers will appear out of nowhere…);
  • When the first hate mail comes in :point_right: don’t get demotivated. And don’t give up to write. You are here to write, because you like to write, not because that one negative person doesn’t like your story. You are here because you want to publish YOUR story. :wink: ;
  • Do R4R on this forum or ask for feedback from other authors…;
  • You also can use: Joseph Evans’s YouTube clips for directing tips, Dara Amarie’s website ( for templates and also help from other authors at this forum;
  • Enjoy to write and don’t hesitate to ask me for more help by PM at this forum or DM on instagram (if you have instagram → @angelwings_1983 ).

Love A-W


That was nice advice… I myslf published it today itself I ws super nervous Cuz idk how my stroy is like will it be appealing to readers… I m still confused like when someone say its nice I m like r they saying just cuz I m doing r4r with them or genuinely… Idk if it’s normal or not but I always feel like it isn’t enough​:cry::cry::cry:


Of course, I’ll message you :heart: :heart:

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