Need taught some coding? I can help! -PS THIS IS NOT A HELP THREAD-



The reason why this is not like a help thread is because I am going to just teach you how to do something, not to fix an error etc.

anyway comment anything below.


Can you teach overlay and their directing🙃


As in shifting etc?


Yes shifting and how they come like I don’t a word like…from right to middle with little curve :confused:


I don’t know what you mean by a curve, can you give me examples?


Ah-ha? Couldn’t think of any now​:sweat: but like they come from right to middle but they do it with a curve way :confused:


like a invisible bump it goes over, like how a ball would bounce?


Ball ya like a ball😂 finally


Mk so first of all you need to create the overlay now there is two ways of doing this:

  1. If you want it to be at the start of the scene do this:


(If the zone you want it in is 1, then you don’t need to worry about the in zone part :slight_smile: )

(Btw I am also testing this while I’,m doing this because it’s easier for me instead of trying to memorize everything so do apoligise if taking long)


It’s okay🙃 thanks for doing these


Btw you need to do step 1 for all circumstances because if you create it, it doesn’t appear. It’s a weird glitch episode has anyway as I was saying,


Oh…thanks I will remember it


I need to go now but I’ll help you later either by this forum or message


Thanks😊 whenever you want


So basically, go onto directing helper then overlay helper, then adjust scale etc once you are done, if you are using your phone look at the bottom left corner and copy the text, for people on computers, scroll down a lil bit and you should see the coding for the overlay.

it should be like

@overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to (numbers)

@overlay OVERLAY NAME scales to (numbers)

what you want to add to this is EG:

@overlay OVERLAY NAME scales to (numbers) in (seconds)

@overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to (numbers) in (seconds)

then just keep moving it one by one to sespific spots that will make that bump, like the first shift and scale set of coding would be making it go up, then the second would be it curving, then the third set would be the end.


Thanks , I will try😁