⭐️ Need Text Overlays⭐️

Hey there!
I am in need of a couple text overlays for my story (since mine that I am making keep glitching).
Please let me know if you can help!

Here is what I want them to look like:

I’m looking for this story book kind of feel (it doesn’t have to be exactly like this! It’s just showing a storybook kind of theme)
I mean you can even add little cute stars if you wish haha

Below are the actual texts I wish the overlays to say:

  • Once
  • Upon
  • A
  • Time
  • . (Basically just a period)
  • Crimson
  • &
  • Cinder
  • This story contains mature themes and strong language!
  • This story uses sound!

Thank you so so much! I of course will be willing to credit, just let me know how below!


I can do them, love
Please shift this request to Forever Art Shop or Vintage art shop
I’m a part of so I don’t miss out if you add up there

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