Need tips on drawing

So, I’ve started to draw recently and I think I’m doing well, but the main problem I face is with hair.
No matter how hard I try, I just can’t make it look realistic, beautiful and natural
So I just wanted to get some tips from you guys on how to draw better hairstyles.
Can someone please help me?


What app are you using?

IbisPaint X

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Kk, do you mind watching their ads?

maybe u cld upload some examples and let us see! xx

No, are you asking for the free brushes?

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I mean, there’s this brush named Oil Hair but you need to watch an ad in order to gain access to it.

Yeah sure,


In the last one I even tried to trace the hair

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That’s what I was saying, I meant were you talking about the brushes that u get after watching ads

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I tried using them, but it was a MESS

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Ok, do you know how to turn on the force fade feature?

Yeah I do

Ok, turn it on and make both ends max (100%)

Ok, I try it next time, how would it help?

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hi i’m not sure howibis paint works as i use procreate, but for hair, there should be steps.
this is what I usually do:

  1. I have the base colour which is the middle colour of the hair
  2. I then define the hair with a darker colour, I use medium hard airbrush to define the shadows and sometimes blend it so it doesnt look too harsh. do not blend all the hair though, leave some defined.
  3. i then add soft highlights, sometimes i use the Add filter depending on the lighting.
  4. i then add harder highlights
  5. add some loose strands of hair as well so it doesn’t look so stiff!

Could you show me an example?
I would use procreate but it’s not free :disappointed_relieved:

And thank u for the tips, I’ll keep those things in mind :grin:

Dang, I envy procreate users…

You’ll get something like this.