Need Tips On Ibis Paint



I just downloaded Ibis Paint and I’m not a very Artist… could somebody give me tips on drawing the face shapes, the eyes, the lips and make it look like an episode character?



You could save a Episode character and draw on that


Yeah, but how do iAd did an episode Character picture?


You can just save it or printscreen it


I’m on iPad.



I drew this on Ibis, is it good so far?


Yes :grin: Just continue, dont give up :hugs:


Does anyone know about layering and how to extract layers? I am so confused!


I need help with that too…


I can give some basics but most of it you just need to practice and play around with yourself. The more you practice the better they will start coming out.

  1. Screenshot your character so you can trace them.

  2. Open the app and add the screenshot to your gallery.

  3. At the bottom you can see the layers. I usually open a new layer on top of the screenshot with the + sign. I trace it on that new layer and eventually delete the screenshot with the trash can on the right. I also slide the scale at the bottom on the layer with the screenshot so it’s not completely solid and I can see what I’m drawing better.

  1. Then I zoom in and start tracing as best as I can.

It just takes a lot of practice and a lot of messing around with to get the hang of it. I also open a new layer to color on so I don’t color over the lines I traced if that makes sense. :thinking: I hope this is helpful.


Thanks!! :smiley: