Need Title Help!

So I have a story in mind to write, but I’m so stuck on what to title it. Any ideas on how I can come up with one.

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What Is your story about?

It sounds a bit cliche, but a the main character (main character is a bit of a rebal) was only 16 and has twins, but the father of the baby left her. A few years later she moves to a new city with her best friend where she starts college and meets the schools bad boy. Bad boy is part of a gang and is the leaders son.

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Your story sounds interesting


So have you found a title name.?


You will find one soon I’m not much help on titles

Your pp is beyond perfection.


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The key to making a title is keeping it simple. How about The Gang leader’s Son? What I usually do when finding a title is work on the story and the episodes first then come back to the title :woman_shrugging:t2:


That’s a good title, but there is already a story called that, I think I’m gonna take your advice and work on the episodes before I do the title😊 thx🙂

Usually what I do is search up unique words to put in your title. Words that people that never seen before draw them in, and they want to know what the story is about, so they know what that word means. Also, if you use a unique word not many people use, you’ll seem smart. A unique word like… “Kilig.” Hope this helps you. It probably doesn’t.

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That’s really useful, I’ll keep that in mind🤔 thx😊

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You don’t want to change the name of your title because the website link thingy will forever stay what the first title was. It will get very messy.

Before Episode let us change to any speech bubble color we want, we all have to name our stories Mean Girls or Demi Lovato to get pink and purple speech bubbles. I think it will be fine :thinking:

But now you can just pick it without changing the name, but the URL address would keep the same if you changed it.

But if you are okay with that, go ahead. I’m a neat freak. Haha.