Need Title Ideas For Episode 5

Hi everybody. Since I’m currently in the process of finishing up Episode 4, I’m going to start writing Episode 5. But I need a good title for it, since there’s going to be a high school beach party involving make-outs, jealousy and tons of drama.

I have a script template of it ready to be planned out and coded. I just need the title of the episode. So, if anyone has any good ideas for names, please tell me, so that I can start. Please and thanks. :slight_smile:

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-Day in the sun
-(lol)The Beach Party
-Sandy and Salty
-Sea Salt Function
-Ocean Drama
-Drama by the sea
-By the Sea
-Seashells and Salty Sirens
lol lemme know if these are bad, i can come up with more.

The second and fifth ones are great. The other ones are good too, just not as great as the two that I mentioned. and I would love to see more ideas. :slight_smile:

alright for sure!
-Salted/Salty drama
-The Wave
-Sea Drama
-Wave of Drama
-Heated Sand
-Deep Ocean Trouble
-Salty, Saltier, Saltiest
-The Beach Drama

Okay, I’ll go with Deep Ocean Trouble And The Beach Party :slight_smile:

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nice nice

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