Need to ask two queries

Hey, I am stuck in two places right now.

  1. My background is an ice cream parlour so I trying make my characters and the ice cream guy in the same screen instead of panning them again and again.
    for eg: i pan to zone 1 where all characters are standing and then i pan to zone 2 where the ice cream guy is standing, in order to avoid the whole panning scene, i need to zoom out the camera and get it all in one frame.
  2. How do i get the ice cream guy behind the counter?

I hope you understood what I am trying to convey.
Thanks in advance.

  1. You’d have to zoom all the way out, but doing this would cause a very small background and black in some places
  2. You’d have to create an overlay of the ice cream counter
    Hope this helped :wink:

SO, zooming wont help. I’ve to use an overlay instead?
And for the man behind the counter? How do i do that?

For the first one, you COULD create a custom bg with all the zones. For the second one, yes, an overlay of the counter

Okay Thank you. I’ll try to do so. if i dont get it. I hope you dont mind me asking again.
Thank you