Need to do my own covers


episode is really improved right now so are the writers and I feel lost in this amazing stories with amazing covers art scenes backgrounds (that is what attract a writer) and it’s really hard to get someone to do those for you exactly as you want and when it’s done you don’t wanna turn them down or get them bored so you accept it and use it not to mention the time they take (no offence )so my question is how and on what apps do you use to make this amazing covers and backgrounds by the way I am android (will try to change that soon ) lmao


Ibis paint X is amazing


will try it thanks


sorry but it’s not helping at all
I need something that draw and I colour😂 coz I am terrible at drawing😢



You have to try first


I did and I drew something or…someone but trust me it’s the worst thin I ever saw​:joy::joy::joy:


What I suggest is getting like a reference photo to help you draw.


Not everyone can draw off hand and that’s okay, as some people just can’t draw😂


actually I don’t draw but I can’t stand waiting for more than a month to get an art scene from someone and ya I will get that reference photo nice tip thanks


Yeah, that makes sense, not everyone has a lot of patience. I wish you the best. Keep practicing that all you can do!