Need to download episode on mac

Hi! I want to download episode on my mac computer to play it more often but it’s not available in the app store! Please suggest another way I can download it.

I don’t think episode is a computer app
But it would be a cool thing to play from laptops and desktops too

Actually my friend has it on her laptop but I can’t download it on my computer for some reason.

Wait really? I didn’t know that…
But if you both have different devices (Like if she has android and you have iOS), that could be why

as I know to download any android app in computer window I use blustacks

No she has a laptop, I have a computer.


That takes a lot of time to download. But I’ll try.

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Blustacks work in laptop and computer too

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Yes, I know and by download I meant it takes a lot of time to open, probably because of my inactivity on it.

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Is it updated

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