Need to find a book but ant find the title!

i’m trying to find a story that i LOVED to read, but i can remember the title.
all i can remember is that my character moved to this new school/lived there and her aunt or something also worked there? it turned into a mystery type book and there were these three girls of the scho that actually did some magic ? and didn’t tell anyone, they also wore these matching black clokes, and one gir was the meanest and in charge of he other two. there was one girl in the three who didn’t like what they did and became friends with me? it is an old story and was one of the “default” ones that came up when you joined. not much more information i’m afraid?? thankyou!!

Was it Rich Witches?

Super Secret Cedar Hill?


yesssss. that’s the one!!!

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Oh good!! Enjoy reading that story!! :grinning:

now i need to read that. XD

does anybody know the name of this story I cant find it or remember the name