Need to find a story

Hi, i’m looking for a story i forgot the name of, i red 1 year ago but didn’t finish it and now that i have a new account I can’t find it. So basically it was about a girl (you’re playing as her)who had an arranged marriage with a mafia boss(if I remember correctly) but she hates him, he’s a jerk and disrespectful towards her. He has men working for him and one of his men who is considered his right hand (most loyal to him)is falling for the mc. So during the story they are hiding their relationship from the big boss, but another of his men is snitching on them so he is having doubts about his wife cheating on him with his associate. And also the associate who snitched is a rival of your li. Hope someone can help me:)

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It sounds a bit like Melia’s story: Breaking Boundaries (Alessandra mc and Gabriel li), but she left Episode and deleted the account with her stories, so you won’t find it.

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I recall a mafia one, where mc forced to marry an evil mafia guy, treats her like a slave, and is violent- he has his mistress moved in too. But the mafia husband were dealing with a vampire mafia boss, and he was helping mc, teaching her to fight. And Mc friend falls for vampires friend , another vampire guy l
that wasn’t one of melia stories was it?

Nope, she didn’t write any vampire mafia boss xd

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Oh no😭
That’s why I couldn’t find it cause I searched with key words like boundaries but didn’t find anything so I doubted if it was the right title🥲
Well thanks anyway!

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Hiii, i desperately need help to find a story. It was on the “What’s hot this week”, last week. The LI was named Christian, and it was a competition for an internship at Urban Utopia! I spent gems on it and now i can’t find it!!

Do you have more informations about the story?

Yes I just remembered!! She had just found out that she’s pregnant after their hookup at the Urban Utopia party, and she was in a competition with another girl for the same internship job

Christian is her personal photographer and he’s also the nephew of her boss!! Her boss has red hair and always wears yellow eye makeup

It could have been story in testing. If it only had 5 chapters and was in that category, that’s what happens with pilot stories. You may find it again or not; it depends on whether the story is released to the public.

I need help finding a story as well. Lost my account and couldn’t get it back. But the story was about a guy who had a matchmaker business but wore a rabbit mask. The MC ends up falling in love with him and gets pregnant but they couldn’t be together because it was too dangerous so there was a time skip and the baby was born and the guy didn’t know. But that’s all I can remember from the story.

Hello im looking for this pretty ild but interesting limelight story… So I played Episode since I was like around 8 from an ad but thats not the point. Around 1-2 years ago, I used to play this one specific story i forgot the name but All I know is that the MC and her friends were scientist and I think were undergoing Experiments in an icey cave in Iceland. But then they got stuck in the cave and as they walk, they found a way out. Only for it to be that the habitat was too different and they realized they discovered another world. And the people in their had grey skin and bigger bodies, in which the LI was one of them, and was probably the prince if I remember. It had a point system too. And pls reddit pls find it or try to at least help me find it :sob: tysm.

It was Caveman by Farah ; but not been updated in over 2 yrs. last update was Feb 2022.

It’s an old story about a school-going gamer girl who finds a mysterious game link and starts playing it. Later revealed that the protagonist of the game is his lover and he created the game for some reason I can’t remember. Ink version, the lover had white hair (probably) and the lover had a evil brother who wanted to kill the MC for some reason.

Hi everybody

I also need help finding a story.

The first part is about a girl that has a flower shop and works with her friend. One day, a rich man comes in with a cap so that he can hide from paparazzi. Apparently he’s pretty well known. He gets to know the girl (she has red hair but I don’t know her name… any names for that matter) and I’m not sure but I’m assuming he offered her a job: To decorate his brothers venue bcos the brother is getting married. He marries a blonde girl who’s very mean (but she has a character arc and actually ends up being nice, only misunderstood). Sometime later they get an apartment together and I remember the scene where they were painting the walls, BUT she finds out she’s pregnant and runs away from him.

Second part is about her and her two twin girls. The twins go to separate schools, one has wavy red hair and is calmer and more of a goody-two-shoes, the other one has curly red hair and is pretty hot tempered. The rich man aka dad meets them randomly at a party (I really don’t know any more details but he eventually meets them without knowing they’re his daughters). Eventually at the end of the story, one of the girls gets engaged. Oh and they get a younger brother.

Funny how much I remember of this story, but forgot how it’s named.

Does anyone have a clue what the story’s name is?

Hi guys I have a question, does anyone know the name of the story that has this soccer star that lost everything including his wife, so he thought, and when he was broke he met and fell in love with a movie star?

I have a question does anyone know the name of the story that has this soccer star that lost everything including his wife, so he thought, and when he was broke he met and fell in love with a movie star ?

it’s a customable story, so there was this popular soccer player everyone loved and he fell in love with his stylist whom he married but she died in a car crash with their unborn child after they had an argument in which she thought he was cheating but he wasn’t. So the soccer player was depressed lost his job, house and everything. Then he started working at a hotel I think, that’s where he met a highly known actress and he protected her from this guy I think and they eventually fell in love