Need to find some Mafia stories

I like reading stories about the mafia. Do you guys know the names of any?
I don’t like the ones where the girl falls in love right away. I like the ones where she tries to fight back and escape, and eventually fall in love.

If you know any, pls lmk thanks!


The Doberman was a good one!
Great plot, Not too cliche, Lots of detail, Made sense, And the Characters were great looking!

Your requirements perfectly fit my story. You can give my story a try.

Title: Shado
Author: Roy
Description: After tragedy, Roy returns to civilization a changed women. She begins her crusade, determined to put things right, with the help of her trusted people,waging a one-woman on crime.
Genre : Action
Style: Ink
Chapters: 9 and ongoing

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Here is mine :slight_smile:
It involved the French mob

You can read mine if you want, the girl is part of the mafia, but has a lot of twists and turns!

Story Card


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Feel free to try out mine, I think it’s a perfect match to your taste!
Name: Arena Of Pride
Genre/s: Drama filled with romance
Author: Jelly
Episodes: 7 (more coming soon)

The streets of Morocco are swimming in crime secrets. Accidentally - a twist of fate, drags Layla and her family deep down in the mafia world, where she meets Oscar Kebryak.

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Little Mafia Secret by lupo.nero

A girl doesn’t fall in love at first sigh, so maybe that’s a story for you.

Here is my story.:
Story Name. : Mediterranean Temptation
Author. : Hope_Stories
Genre.: Drama
Link to my story.:
Meet Selena & Marcello who are both at a dead end. Selena is a simple girl and Marcello the future leader of the American Italian Mafia
The only way to get out of it is to help each other
Will they be able to help each other or will they be tempted to do more?
(It’s a Mafia Story based on the Sicilian Mafia in America, my MC’s don’t fall in love straight away but their bond begins with passion :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)
Episodes.: 12 OUT (More episodes coming soon)
(Full CC, 2LI, Art Scenes, Point System, Adult_Oriented Scenes)
Instagram Account.; follow me on @ hope_stories for sneak peeks, updates, trailers & more