Need to know which is more romantic

HI! I need to know if a guitar or piano is more romantic.
For example, picture your gf or your bf singing you a romantic song… would that song be accompanied by a guitar or piano? Which is more romantic?

  • Guitar
  • Piano

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I need to know this for my episode story, Almost.
Here’s the story description for Almost:
You had to find two baby pandas after a fire. You did. But on the arms of a billionaire, who declined to return them. Stubborn, with the lack of trust. “I’ll do anything,” you said.

In future scenes, a piano or a guitar will be added as one of the important fact and part of the romance story. So, I need help.
Also, feel free to read my story:

Here’s the cover:

Thank you!!!

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Honestly both could be used to make a romantic song, Personally I think if you’re going for a slow ballad type feel a piano is probably better. But honestly it’s just down to creative choice.

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Use guitar cause you can find animations for it, while piano has not animations on episode.

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Guitars are much more mainstream now. Pianos are timeless. Piano all the way.


Both are good choices but I think there are more options for the guitar on episode :blush:

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Thank you!! This helped A LOT!!

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Okay!! Thanks. :smile:

Thank you for this!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

All good! I play both instruments so if you have any further questions regarding music feel free to ask!

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