Need to stop scene

How do I pause the scene?

So the character is doing something then their movements have stopped, as if time is frozen.

@pause for a beat

I need to to stop the person completely - like breathing, blinking etc… instead of just pausing.

Thanks though! :grinning:

JemU776Episode Community Member

Jan 25

This is easy but I decided to make a short tutorial on it!

Anyways there’s two ways to pause a scene:

  1. Use this command: @pause for a beat

You can write:

@pause for a beat

in your script as many times as you like.

Use this command: @pause for S
Replace S with a number though (in seconds)

So, if you write @pause for 5
The scene pauses for 5 seconds.

@pause for 20
The scene pauses for 20 seconds, kinda long lol!

@pause for 3.5
The scene pauses for 3.5 seconds.

@pause for 1.3
The scene pauses for 1.3 seconds.

Fast pauses are less than 1 second, like:

@pause for 0.7

Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise you could do that. Thanks!!!

You would have to use any of the “pose” animations. Other than that, there isn’t a way to freeze a character during any other animation unless you make them into an overlay.

Okay, thank you!

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