Need Transparents Of Limelight Clothing

I need transparents of a limelight outfit so I can edit it onto an ink character (yes i know about the EA hack, it doesn’t have the outfit I’d like). Can someone let me know where I can find them, or give them to me? Thank you in advance!

What I need (These are for a male):
Devil Tail Red
Wings Devil Red
Short Devil Horns Red Black
Devil Sequin Shoes Red
Devil Tattered Cape Red
Devil Vest Sequin Red Black
Devil Leather Pants Red Black
Devil Cowl Red

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I can’t find the pants for some reason but here are the others:

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Omg tysm but I forgot to specify they’re for a male, this still helps and I’m so sorry for leaving that out!

Ooh okay!

There you go! Hope that helps! :grin:

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If you want an easy way to have ‘transparents’ for any clothes you want, here it is.


Then right click on the clothing you want and download it.
The background will be alpha and so it will be transparent.
Hope this helps!


Thank you! I didn’t know that!

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