Need Twins Made

I need twin characters made! They are going to be named Mya and Mia. I want to keep this story very diverse in skin tones and at the moment I am surprisingly lacking lighter skin tones. This story is in Limelight! Thank You!


Hi ^^ do they need to be look alike a lot or they can have each other style?

You need to be able to tell they are twins and they need to be hard to tell apart BUT they are their own characters and should have different styles. Things like hair style should be different and if one has an abnormal colored hair that would be fine.

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Ok so I made this 2 ^^ tell me if you need another skin color or whatever ^^

OMG thank you so much they look great!

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I will send you the details ^^


Body: neutral 02
Brow: natural medium warm brown
Hair: medium warm brown, long feathered for one and hair flips for the other
Eyes: round medium hazel dark
Face: diamond
Nose: round button
Lips: full heart pouty; one pink warm matt (long hair girls) and the other pink beige matt

Thank you and good luck with your story :slight_smile:

Hey, could also do this:

You can customize one of them-Mya.
You will find a limelight customization template here:

First click on this:

(this will allow you customize one person in limelight and that can be Mya)

Then click on this:

So, after Mya is customized, at the end you would write:
@MIA becomes MYA

This would make Mya and Mia look alike and if you want to change some things you could do so following the instructions in the Twins & Family members CC document provided above by the wonderful amazing @ Dara.Amarie ^^

Anyway, good luck with everything!
And PM me if you need help doing this ; )


That is sooooo helpful I needed to work on a customization for another family in my story and this will definitely be useful thanks.