Need Two Arm Overlays

Okay, so I want the overlay where the hand is shaped like a fist, and I want two of them.


Skin: Caramel
Tattoos: No.
Style: INK

Here is an example of how I want it.


The circle represents where would it go, and ignore the crappy shape that I made. :slight_smile:

If you choose to do it, please make it clear as possible, please! I don’t want it drawn, btw.

Here is the arm overlay for reference.


I want it ASAP! Thank you! :slight_smile:

I want it Caramel, Female Please.

does this work?

It is perfect, but can it be like rotated towards the top right side, if that is okay?

Kinda like this.


Except, it is that arm clenched overlay. Sorry, if I am confusing you! If you don’t mind, can you make another of the same arm overlay, but faced the opposite way, if you don’t mind! Sorry, if I am asking so much!

oh no it’s okay! hm, i don’t have my laptop with me right so i’ll have to make it with my phone. so do you want the same arm just in a different position, rotated differently like the example you showed?

or a different hand gesture?

Correct! :slight_smile: Not a different hand gesture, lol.

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okay. i’ll rotate it!

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Thank you so much! Take your time! :smile:

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okay… here’s this one. is it shifted right?

Exactly, like that! Perfect! I was wondering if you could another one, but it is on the opposite side, like the another way. :slight_smile:

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oh boy… okay give me a sec lolll

Omg, I am so sorry that I am causing you to do so much work. :((

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ur fine! i don’t mind doing it, i like to help haha. so here’s this one:

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sorry it took me awhile, this is my first time making an overlay :sweat_smile:

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Omg, thank you so much! You did such a wonderful job on this! It is incredible! Don’t apologize, you did such a great job on it! Would you like some credit?

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aw thank you. i appreciate it! you can if you want :))

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@Sydney_H You can close this, I have got my overlays.

@epi.kels Thank you so much for doing this! :blush: