Need ur opinion for the future story of mine

Is it a huge deal for u when the story doesn’t have choices that change the plot? What if the story has choices for the dialogue, dressing games, and some choices where u can get a different scene (not a short one) And enough choices in each episode.

To consider: My story has 1 LI and my story is mostly detective than romance but has ofc some romance to it

Would u read the story without choices that change the plot?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Idc

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I prefer having choices that matter, but if the story is well-written enough I’m okay with not having choices matter too.

And also if the choices matter I don’t like constant warnings like, “Uh oh, he’s angry at you” or that sort of thing. It’s stressful most of the time :pensive:


These kinds of stories are literally my absolute favorite cuz I don’t even have to think about the choice I can just relax and get in my feels while reading :relieved::relieved:


Yeah I don’t plan to add readermessages unless if it’s a new location or a word which needs explanation. I’m not a fan when this pops up. Kind of distracting for me

Same here.


thx for voting!

I think most writers don’t write choices that change the entire plot, since technically you’ll be writing multiple stories that way. So I don’t mind reading them as long as it keeps me captivated.

Ive read a story that never had choices outside of outfit choices, but the story was good enough for me to stay. Plus I barely noticed the lack of choices until it was pointed out tbh.

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Yea, I hate when you choose the wrong choice and they let you know you’ve made the wrong choice :sob: I literally hate that

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Yeah and I do get it when something might happen if the story has 2 LI’s but with one it’s hard for me to think of it. I mostly have like I said some choices where u will get different scenes and some basic ones of course. I for sure do more than 2-3 choices per chapter

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thx everyone for voting <3

I want Choices, they dont need to matter like giving big difference ending. but a few on each chapter there give a bit diffrent things to experince means a lot

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I personally prefer stories that don’t have meaningful choices. Always having to make my choices mean something and being worried it might change which love interest I end up with in the end because of a choice I made in the beginning doesn’t appeal to me :slight_smile:

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To clarify: I’d rather read a story with no choices than choices that don’t matter :pp

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Thx for voting

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