Need URGENT help with spot directing

Hello! I’m writing a story that I thought was pretty much done since it looked fine on the portal and the app and am two days away from publishing. I decided to read it as a user to see if there was something that needed fixing, and immediately throughout episode 2, the characters started sliding instead of walking. I’ve tried fixing the first scene a million ways and it’s just not working… Please help. What can I do here?

This is how the script is looking like:

She starts walking funny in the last &

Try changing the “is” to “starts” and refreshing your app. I’d also add “AND ANNA faces left” to the end as well to make sure she stays facing that way. :thinking:

It might also be because you have her doing animations with “&” before the pauses which makes her do them during the pauses. That could be resulting in her not having enough time to complete the think_rubchin animation and messing up how she moves when she’s required to walk. I’d suggest removing one of the pauses and replacing the “&” with a “@“ for the line where she’s doing the think_rubchin.

I’d leave the is as they are, but instead of writing & and right after a pause, just write @ANA walks …

I’ll try it now

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I’ve done that, she still slides, sadly :confused:

Well, I tried everything you suggested, she’s still sliding :confused: bloody hell, I don’t know what to do

I rearranged the order a bit, but perhaps this may work:

#Have characters offscreen and change into the desired outfits.
&reset hsl
@ANA spot 1.280 -88 -4  in zone 1 AND ANA faces right AND ANA moves to layer 3 AND ANA is think_rubchin AND EMMA2 spot 0.740 247 286 in zone 2 AND EMMA2 moves to layer 1 AND EMMA2 faces left AND EMMA2 is idle_sit_leanback_tired_loop
@pause for 1
@ANA walks to spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 1 in 2 THEN ANA starts think_rubchin THEN pause for 1
@ANA walks to spot 1.280 37 0 in zone 2 in 3 AND ANA does it while walk_neutral_loop_rear AND ANA faces left THEN ANA starts idle_rear AND ANA faces left
@pause for 3
@cut to zone 2
@speechbubble reset

Thank you for doing all that, I really appreciate it! However, she’s still sliding. I don’t even know if this can be fixed at this point

It’s no problem, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help though. :weary:

I honestly don’t know why she’s still sliding. My characters slide sometimes but usually refreshing the app and/or resetting my story progress normally fixes it for me, so if those aren’t/won’t work(ing) for you, it might be worthwhile to send a ticket to Episode just in case it’s a bug. :thinking:

It only happens on certain scenes, not all of them. The rear ones are a complete mess :sweat_smile: and others that should be happening, don’t. It’s so weird. But thanks for trying!

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Hmmm… the sliding usually happens when you walk the character for a certain time but before the time is finished you let him do another animation…however … I don’t see this in your script (the pause after the walking is longer then the walking itself) so I am bit clueless … so this is just a blind shot since I always put does it while right behind the walk command - try it will help.

&ANA walks to spot 1.280 37 0 in zone 2 in 1 AND ANA does it while walk_neutral_loop_rear AND ANA faces left THEN ANA is rear

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