Need Urgent Help!

Hello everyone!
I have this urgent query, in regards to extra animations in Episode stories. Let me explain. In intros of some stories, we see how the text slides from a direction to the other, or it fades in or out.

For example - Story tittle is Mafia’s Fallen Angel - Mafia’s slides from right to center, Fallen (with different font) fades in to the screen and Angel slides from left to center.
Sometimes, it’s also seen that some authors change the background colors. Suppose, that warning background of Episode is white, but while it’s shown, rainbow colors sparkle on it (this happened in the story, Rockstar In My Bed).

Moral of the story is that whoever has read the story, Rockstar In My Bed, knows what kind of animation style I’m talking about. It’s in every chapter’s intro of that particular story.

Phew, was I able to make you understand? If yes, please help me out and let me know, how can I do that as well? I would really appreciate your help! :relaxed:


Are you basically staying that authors are copying each other?

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That’s totally not what I mean, I’m sorry, if it looks like that.
I just want to learn what they do, because I think it gives a magnificent look to an Episode story.
But, I apologize again, if my words came out in any sort of wrong way.


It’s ok :blush:

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You need to spot direct the overlays outside the screen, then shift them to the position you want
You can also use easing functions

I think they uploaded their own colored background and then used the filter command to change the colors as they preferred


Hey, i’ve used text overlays, and i get what your talking about.
You first need to place the text offscreen probably on the left side where it’s not visible.
Then position it where you’d like it to stand.
When you paste the overlay coding, at the end of the first one where it states - …shifts to… You should add:

using easein
using easeinout
using easebackin
using easebackinout
using easebouncein
using easebounceout
using easebounceinout
using easeelasticin
using easeelaticin
using elasticinout

after that you can add how many seconds: in 1/2/3… etc.

These are most of them but i probably missed a few, if you need any other support, feel free to ask! :sunny:


What I do is:

@overlay OVERLAY NAME create in T
@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in T
@overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to x y

@overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to x y in T

@overlay OVERLAY NAME clear

And for fading in:

@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in 1

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Oh my god, thank you so much!! You don’t know just how much this means to me. Thank you again for helping me with this!! :heart:

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Thank you so much, you’re such a sweetheart. All of this is really going to help me, lots of loveee :kissing_heart:

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Thank you for helping me out, will keep this in mind! I appreciate you :blush:

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