Need Watermark and Banners!


Are there any art groups or people who would like to make a watermark and/or banners:)


I can


Ok great, what do you want to do…the banners,watermark or both?


I can try both let me know the details


Ok so for the watermark could it say “Epsiode Bomb” and could it be in pink and then could you put a pink bomb next to it.

And for the banners I need each of them to say
Request Denied
Request Accepted
Please come back if you ever need anything again!

Could the words be pink and also have a pink bomb next to it
And could it be this background


I’ll start :smiley:


Could you give me a rough estimate as to how long this will take?


Less than an hour


Ok thanks so much


How is this for a watermark?


Oh my got that is awesome!!!



Oh my good that looks amazing I will make sure to credit you on the thread…thank you so much!


Would you by any chance want to join the Epsiode Bomb Family…you would be able to help out with the artwork part of it:)