Need wedding outfits for my story LIMELIGHT

I need outfits for a wedding scene. I need them for mostly men, but put down your ideas below! will credit

Here are some ideas ~

For your groom:

Blazer Formal Bowtie Collared Blue Navy, Business Slacks Formal Blue Raven,
Oxford Cap Toe Leather Brown

And, similarly, your best man:

Chelsea Ankle Boots Pull Tab Leather Grey Black, Victorian Vest Shirt Button Up Shirt Cotton Blue Navy, Business Slacks Formal Wool Dark Violet

You can switch these around if you like too. These are just what I put together. Your guests would probably be wearing similar formal outfits as well.

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Thanks a lot :upside_down_face:

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No problem! What’s your story called? :grin:

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i think i can help you , (not only wedding outfits) :
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